Antony started Jiu jitsu in 2005. He trained under the guidance of Felipe Souza at BJJ School UK and received his black belt in 2013.

Currently a 3rd degree black belt, he is one of the most experienced children’s teachers in the UK. He began teaching BJJ for a youth charity project in North West London and soon led the youth classes within the school.

In 2015, when Felipe Souza returned to Brazil, Antony became a director of New School BJJ, where he coached children of all ages to National and International success. He has studied with some of the best in the world and coached children and adults at all levels. Over the years Antony has travelled extensively to seek out the greatest minds and to develop his own skills as a leader within the sport.

An accomplished competitor in his own right, Antony holds numerous National and European titles under the International Brazilian Jiujitsu Federation including European gold and silver medals. He was also the silver medalist at the World Professional Jiu Jitsu Championships in Abu Dhabi

As Co-Founder and Head Coach of The BJJ Place, he brings a wealth of knowledge, passion for the sport and unrivalled experience.