Seniors Kickboxing

  • 1 hour

Our TMAP SENIORS class is designed for existing members who have progressed through our grading system.

The class is structured around the Mo-Gei-DoTM kickboxing curriculum, and also aims push and develop your fitness and martial arts skills to an expert level.

This kickboxing class features the use of punch bags, pad-work and form-fighting and light contact sparring to push you to a new high of performance.

Memberships start from just £80 per month, please contact us for details and to book your free trial class.

Class Benefits
  • Flexibility
  • Balance & Co-ordination
  • Fitness
  • Technique
  • Sparring practice
  • Confidence
  • Self-defense
Seniors Kickboxing

 Swiss Cottage Dojo (Full Timetable - resumes 6th September)

Monday: 8:30pm
Tuesday: No class
Wednesday: 8:30pm
Thursday: No class
Friday: No class
Saturday: No class
Sunday: 1:30pm