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TMAP Online Lockdown Timetable April 20th - July 31st
  • 04/25/20
Hi Everyone, our new online term for kids classes has now begun and our the updated s …
TMAP Private Facebook Group - Join us!
  • 03/30/20
Hello, how are we all doing?
Response Letter and Update
  • 03/23/20
To our TMAP Community,We wanted to thank you all for the amazing response we have h …
A Letter to our TMAP Community
  • 03/17/20
Dear TMAP member, As part of our Dojo community -  we wanted to reach out …
Senpai of the month - November & December
  • 12/17/19
We are still going to continue with our Senpai system this term.For new parents, this …
TMAP December Grading - Adults
  • 12/09/19
A couple weeks until the end of the term - all the Little Monkeys are working hard to …
TMAP November Grading - Little Monkeys
  • 11/18/19
Congratulations to our Little Monkeys on moving up a t-shirt. We are so proud of you …
Senpai of the month - October
  • 11/05/19
Our Senpai! This special belt is given to the Little Monkey that worked the hardest a …
TMAP October Grading - Adults
  • 11/04/19
Belts at the Ready! - it's grading week! Well done to those that have graded r …
TMAP October Grading - Little Monkeys
  • 11/04/19
Congrats to the Little Monkeys that graded in October! So many happy faces, well done …