Swiss Cottage News

World Appreciation Day
  • 09/21/18
Today is World Appreciation Day and we are thankful for our amazing students (big and …
TMAP BJJ Grading - All Levels
  • 09/19/18
We have our first TMAP BJJ grading at the Swiss Dojo on Sunday 30th September.Every …
BJJ National Masters 2018
  • 09/18/18
Congrats to the TMAP BJJ team! We won 6 medals at the National Masters.So proud of …
TMAP on Holiday!
  • 09/06/18
When the kids are off the Instructors go on some well deserved holidays! Here are som …
New Term - Term One Begins!
  • 09/03/18
Welcome back to our Little Monkeys and our TMAP Juniors!They have had a break for s …
TMAP August Graders
  • 08/31/18
Congrats to our August graders! It has been a slow month, hope you all had a lovely s …
Meet Sensei Sam
  • 08/14/18
Sensei Spotlight: Samuel Thorpe   Our resident comic book nerd, Bear G …
TMAP Swiss Summer Drinks
  • 08/04/18
Happy Faces all around - thanks to everyone who came. :)
TMAP July Graders
  • 08/01/18
Congratulations to our July Graders! This is only the beginning! 
International Friends Day
  • 07/30/18
As part of International Friends Day, here are just a few of the people who have …