5 Reasons Why Kickboxing is Great For You

  • 05/13/19
  • Health and fitness

Kickboxing is one of the most popular workouts in fitness right now. It’s pretty clear to see why we love Kickboxing here at the Martial Arts Place, but if you’re looking for a reason to start training with us, here’s 5. Don’t say we don’t treat you…  

  1. Kickboxing is a full body workout – Regular training will contribute towards building up your strength very quickly. This fantastic martial art is especially good for training your arms, legs and core. In fact, there’s no area of your body that kickboxing won’t tone and tighten.

  2. Kickboxing can relieve unwanted stress – When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins which trigger a positive feeling within the body. Kickboxing requires constant movement, which can consequently relieve stress and diminish any feelings of anger and tension.

  3. Kickboxing can burn up to 800 calories per one-hour session - A 125-lb. person burns an average of 600 calories in an hour of kickboxing, according to Harvard Health Publications. Calorie burn can depend on the intensity of the workout and the overall fitness ability of the person in question. If you’re looking for a fun-filled, high-intensity workout – you’ve hit the jackpot.

  4. Kickboxing can teach you valuable self-defence moves – Having the ability to protect yourself is a valuable asset for anyone. From quick uppercuts to sharp kicks, taking up kickboxing will enable you to defend yourself in the stickiest of situations.

  5. Kickboxing will improve your confidence – Who wouldn’t feel confident after mastering the ins and outs of one of the most impressive martial arts? The intensity of kickboxing means that you’ll see improvements and results super quickly. Challenging yourself to a regular high-impact workout, such as a one-hour kickboxing training session, will leave you feeling ready to conquer the world.

 If any of these have caught your eye, get in touch about planning your first kickboxing session.