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Stress Awareness Month 2019
  • 04/09/19
April is Stress Awareness Month! What better way to relieve stress than to com …
TMAP March Grading - Adults
  • 04/01/19
Purpose fuels passion!
TMAP March Grading - Juniors
  • 04/01/19
Well done to our new Junior graders! It never gets easier, you just get better …
TMAP Grading March - Little Monkeys
  • 04/01/19
It is Grading week and everyone is working so hard! Amazing work, Little Monke …
Senpai of the Month - March
  • 04/01/19
Thank you to our wonderful 9 Senpai for helping us run this week's classes at TMAP St …
Mother's Day at the Dojo (2019)
  • 03/31/19
We had a lovely Mother's Day at TMAP. Here are some photos of our students and their …
All Stars BJJ Europeans Results
  • 03/26/19
Well done to everyone that competed at the All Stars BJJ Europeans competition!! …
TMAP Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Seminar with Marco Canha
  • 03/25/19
Please join us for an exciting seminar on 11th May with BJJ hero, Marco Canha!  …
All Stars BJJ Europeans
  • 03/23/19
TMAP will be competing at tomorrow's All Stars BJJ Europeans competition!It's …