Meet Sensei Adam

  • 06/03/18
  • Swiss Cottage News

Sensei Spotlight: 

Adam Field   

  1. How long have you been an instructor at TMAP Swiss Cottage?

    I have been with TMAP for four and a half years.

  2. Why did you start Martial Arts? 

    A great interest in the culture of Martial Arts and I am generally into sports.
    I have previously trained in Japanese JiuJitsuu, Krav Magra, boxing and Muay Thai.

  3. Why do you love kickboxing? 

    It is something different from stereotypical workouts and I like the fact that it is dynamic, it involves strategy and well-being.

  4. What classes do you teach? 

    All of them!

  5. What is your favourite class to teach?

    8-10 year-olds as they are more focused, attentive, able to do more technical work and are ready to progress to the next level.


    Intermediates because they are at the stage where they have grasped the basics and can start learning something more technical.

  6. What do you love best about teaching?

    You can make a big difference to people and their self-esteem, and it is very rewarding to see them evolve and develop.

  7. How would you describe your teaching style?

    I tend to focus on the more technical and fitness-oriented route to training and from there, I develop the class around this core approach.

  8. Do you have a favourite teaching moment? 

    When people have an interest in learning footwork and technique, it is rewarding to see that 'click' for them.

  9. Do you have a favourite kickboxing tip you would like to share?

    Be aware of distance and the need to move your feet as well as your hands. It is something I still like to work on myself.

  10. What is your favourite kickboxing move?

    Skip uppercut, left hook, right cross.
    Also: Roundhouse kick to the body, spinning hook kick to the head.

  11. Who do you like sparring with the most?

    All the instructors have diff strong points, which is why I enjoy training with a variety of different people. 

  12. Favourite sparring or fight moment?

    My first full contact competition in Spain, which took me out of my comfort zone and really challenged me.

  13. Outside of kickboxing, what gives you confidence?

    Bouldering (rock climbing) and swimming (I'm a huge health and fitness freak, including diet and nutrition). I am also a massive bookworm and I am also enjoying learning the guitar right now.

  14. Who is your favourite kickboxing or sporting hero?

    Muhammad Ali. He was very different from the conventional personality both inside and outside the ring. He embodied values that stood against discrimination. Plus he was a poet!

  15. Is there anything special that you eat or drink that you would say helps with your training?

    Being a vegan, I am a strong advocate of the plant-based diet, which is good not just for personal well-being but is also good for the planet.

  16. What is one fact about you that may surprise people?

    I was once stranded in a military compound in Pakistan during the first Gulf War!