Meet Sensei Georges

  • 05/08/18
  • Stoke Newington News

Sensei Spotlight:

Georges Marving Lagrange Yombi   

  1. How long have you been an instructor at TMAP 
    Stoke Newington?

    I have been with TMAP for two years.

  2. What is your favourite aspect of teaching?

    What I love most about teaching is the fact that I get to share my knowledge and skills with my students.
    I teach:

    - Little Monkeys (3-4, 5-7)
    - Juniors (8-10, 11-14)
    - Adults (Beginners, Intermediates, Senior)

  3. What is your favourite class to teach?

    Little Monkeys ages 5 to 7 :)

  4. Why do you love kickboxing? 

    Kickboxing is a really good way for me to express my feeling. It helps me distract my mind whenever I feel down and it is a discipline that helps me understand what I want in my life.

  5. What is your favourite kickboxing move?

    My favourite move has to be the attack combination for Blue belt one: 
    Front kick, side kick, back kick, roundhouse kick, jumping spinning hook kick, reverse punch, front punch, slide out.”

    (Don't worry we'll make him show us next time.)

  6. Who do you like sparring with the most and what has been your favourite sparring moment at TMAP Stoke Newington?

    I personally love sparring with Sensei Aaron and my favourite sparring moments was when I graded for my red belt with three stripes.  

  7. Do you play or engage in any other sports?

    I play basketball. (His sports hero is Lebron James)

  8. What is your favourite inspirational quote?

    Strive For Greatness!

  9. Outside of kickboxing, what gives you confidence?

    Outside kickboxing, I keep myself busy by doing different things. One, which I am really proud of is, getting involved with Centrepoint Parliament about a year and four months ago.

    I am presently the Chair of Centrepoint Parliament and I represent young people who are facing serious issues in their hostels but unfortunately do not get the chance to talk about it. My role is to have meetings with the board of Trustees from Centrepoint and some of the Ministers from Parliament to discuss those issues and see how we can come up with a solution.

    Editorial note: 

    For more information on the Centrepoint Charity
    See if you can spot Sensei Georges at this year’s Centrepoint Awards Ceremony!