TMAP’s Kickboxing Equipment Guide

  • 09/10/19
  • Health and fitness

The TMAP’s Kickboxing Equipment Guide.


Even though we provide the latest martial arts equipment here at The Martial Arts Place, we thought it would be a good idea to explain the purpose of each and how they can contribute towards improving your skills. Lowe and behold, TMAP’s Kickboxing Equipment Guide.


Obviously, gloves are a training must. Not only do they protect your hands, they also help to protect your opponent, making gloves a crucial part of your kickboxing workout. Whether it be mitt work or striking heavy bags, gloves reduce impact by spreading the force over the mitt versus a fist or hand.



Although these aren’t essential, hand wraps can contribute towards the increased protection of your hands, wrists and knuckles – if they’re put on the correct way, that is (we recently wrote our top hand wrapping tips on our blog, have a look!). If you’re concerned about the application of your hand wraps or would like to know how to put them on correctly and comfortably, have a word with your Sensei. Wraps also soak up sweat inside your glove, which will help your gloves last longer and smell sweeter.



As you probably know, punching bags are used to develop basic punching and kicking skills. But what you probably aren’t aware of, is that there are several types of punching bags which are used to achieve different outcomes. For example, Heavy Duty punching bags are, as it says in the name, heavy and used to improve muscle tone and strength. They provide a lot of resistance and stability which help to improve overall conditioning. You’ve probably spotted a lot of freestanding punch bags during your kickboxing lessons, which has a sturdy weight base. This base helps to provide added resistance and allows you to develop your power.



These may be used in your training sessions to help tighten your technique and reflex skills. As well as being quick on your feet, focus pads or “focus mitts” as they are sometimes called, can also help to improve defensive and offensive skills and overall strengthening of the body.



Foot pads are used to protect your feet from bruising and breakages and provide security for the lower parts of your body. Although these aren’t always essential, they offer a lot of protection – especially whilst kicking heavy bags.



As in football, shin pads protect your shins from kicks. This is especially important in martial arts when sparring. Unlike football, our shin pads are padded as they are used to protect you and equally your sparring partner.



Gum shields are used in all contact sports to protect the teeth, mouth and even your brain! This small protective equipment absorbs any shocks from head punches that could otherwise cause serious damage to your head.


We hope this short breakdown has broadened your knowledge on some of the types of equipment we use here at The Martial Arts Place. If you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch