Why is kickboxing good for you?

  • 05/11/17

Health and wellness are topics which are increasingly being discussed. Consumers are further aware of the importance of living a wholesome lifestyle, through a balanced diet and regular exercise. Are you thinking about trying something new? Kickboxing is full of benefits, here are a few below: 

1) Boosts energy
Performing high energy routines gives your physical and mental energy levels a boost, leaving you feeling refreshed and energised after a workout.

2) Increases your confidence
Kickboxing sessions release endorphins, which give your mood a boost and improve your self-esteem.

3) High calorie burn
Kickboxing is a high intensity workout, using multiple points of contact (kicks, punches, knee and elbow strikes), hence blasting fat and improving your general fitness.

4) Great workout – tones your whole body
As per above, it gets you to engage all of your muscle groups by performing various exercises, from kicks and punches in your training to squats and push ups during your warm up, giving you a full body workout.

5) Reduces stress
When you feel stressed you often wish you could let yourself loose. Kickboxing is the ideal way to let go of that frustration, whilst improving your concentration.

6) Teaches discipline
Following the various techniques and instructions will help transcend discipline and organisation into your daily routine.

7) Improves your flexibility
Warm up sessions incorporate stretching and so do the actual workouts – high kicks help build your flexibility.

8) Self-defense 
One again, you’ll receive an increase in confidence by improving your strength and performance.

9) Improves balance and coordination
Performing punch and kick sets help you strengthen your core and enhance your coordination skills. It’s also great for you if you suffer from bad posture due to sitting at a desk all day.

10) It’s fun! 
Going to the gym and performing the same routine can be rather monotonous, whereas kickboxing provides you with exciting and different cross-training workouts, breaking from the usual routine. So, what’s stopping you?