As a passionate and experienced Kickboxing instructor, I've dedicated a large part of my adult life to the art of combat sports and helping others unlock their potential through this empowering discipline. With over 30 years of training and coaching, I've honed my skills and developed a deep understanding of the physical, mental, and technical aspects of kickboxing.

My journey in martial arts began at a young age, watching Jackie Chan movies. One of my earliest memories was going to London China Town and getting my parents to buy me a Chinese kung fu ‘Drunken Boxing’ instruction manual. Needless to say I wasn’t very good at it.

Through years of rigorous training and competition, I've not only achieved personal milestones but also learned valuable life lessons that I'm eager to share with my students. I'm continually trying to expanding my knowledge and over the past 9 yrs have fallen in love with BJJ.

My teaching philosophy revolves around creating a safe, inclusive and fun environment where individuals of all skill levels can thrive. The Ethos at TMaP has always been one of inclusivity, ‘A Martial Arts for all’ culture that inevitably has led us to create a wonderful community across our dojos.

Everyone has their own journey in Martial Arts and I'm really excited to be part of your journey. One of my biggest achievements has been seeing some of my students enter our dojos as children as young as 4yrs old and seeing them grow into fine young adults and seeing the positive impact that we have had on their young minds.

Let's train hard, learn together, and celebrate the victories – both big and small – as we embark on this exciting martial arts adventure. See you on the mats, Ouss!!