Womens 10 Week

Introduction to

Self-Defence Course

Starting in January 2024:

West Hampstead has a Saturday afternoon 3pm course and also a Wednesday morning 9am course, starting from January 6th.

Stoke Newington has a Sunday afternoon 3.30pm course and also a Friday morning 10am course, starting from January 7th.

  • Spaces are limited, contact us now to book at our West Hampstead or Stoke Newington Dojos.

The Martial Arts Place women’s introduction to self-defence course is designed to empower you to respond to common physical threats to your safety. Based primarily on the principles of Brazilian jiu jitsu, a non-violent martial art that uses efficient and effective techniques to control a larger, stronger, and more aggressive assailant, during the course you will learn to:

  • manage distance in physical confrontations;
  • protect yourself from punches and kicks;
  • escape from a range of common control holds including wrist grabs, bear hugs and chokes; and
  • apply physical force to take down or incapacitate an assailant when it is not possible to safely escape.

In each lesson, your instructors will demonstrate the techniques in real world scenarios, explaining the key details, concepts and principles behind their application. With your training partners and under the guidance of your instructors you will then practice how to execute the techniques in a composed and controlled manner.

Each new lesson builds on previously learned techniques, ensuring that over time as your ability to apply the physical movements develops and improves, more advanced techniques can be introduced. And, as you become more comfortable and confident in dealing with physical confrontations, the resistance applied by your training partners can also increase to more closely represent the application of the techniques in real self-defence situations.

Lesson 1 – Combat base and wrist releases

Lesson 2 – Defence from punches and kicks on the ground

Lesson 3 – Controlling an assailant from the guard and creating distance

Lesson 4 – Escapes from mount

Lesson 5 – Front attack defences

Lesson 6 – Rear attack defences

Lesson 7 – Front chokes and drag defences

Lesson 8 – Submission attacks from the guard

Lesson 9 – Taking an assailant to the ground

Lesson 10 – Testing the techniques in linked self-defence scenarios

The final lesson in the introduction course provides an opportunity to review the techniques learned to date and test them through a range of linked self-defence scenarios. Following this lesson, you will be ready to progress to the intermediate self-defence course. There you will learn to defend yourself in more challenging situations and how to establish more dominant positions from which you can control and submitting your assailant.